If the principles that are taught and demonstrated in our workshops are continued to be practiced you can expect to experience:

  • Greater depth in your Bible reading
  • A more intimate relationship with God
  • Increased awareness of God’s presence
  • A rich enhancement to your Christian life
  • Help in your ministry

References from Christian Leaders

3rd March, 2020
Recommendation for Peter and Kathryn Yaxley
To Whom It May Concern,
I would like to commend to you the ministry of Peter and Kathryn Yaxley. I have had Peter and Kathryn come into my church on two different occasions, both times they have led small group sessions in teaching and encouraging people to hear God’s voice, and they have also preached in our Sunday service.
Peter and Kathryn are mature and faithful followers of Jesus who desire to serve the church. They are people of integrity and good character, they are wise and insightful. I see clear evidence in their lives of the fruit of the Spirit, and I know they are people who have opened their lives to the work of God in transforming them into the likeness of Christ.
I have found the teaching that Peter and Kathryn bring to be founded on solid Biblical understanding. They draw deeply from the Scriptures and point people to greater revelation of the words of God to us as revealed in the Bible.
As the Pastor of what I call a ‘beautifully ordinary’ Australian church, I have a commitment to seeing my people continually develop maturity and grow towards the fullness of Christ. To this end, I consider equipping people to personally hear the voice of God in their lives to be of utmost importance. I know that people can easily dismiss pastoral advice and wisdom, but I know if they hear God encourage or challenge them, it is much harder to ignore and dismiss the voice of God. Therefore I have invited Peter and Kathryn in to lead and encourage my people in hearing from God.
Their approach is gentle and creative, and helps people from any church tradition to engage with God’s voice. I have seen the wonderful fruit which comes from Peter and Kathryn’s ministry, as my people have grown in intimacy with God, become more confident in allowing God to guide them, and developed an increased confidence in praying for one another.
I have no hesitation in recommending Peter and Kathryn Yaxley to you.
Yours in Christ

PS Carolyn Meers

Central Church

Port Kembla

February 2020

Attracted by Peter and Kathryn’s lives, walking so close with the Lord and understanding God’s will so clearly, we decided to host this Hearing God’s Whisper workshop in our church, as we strongly believe that this truth is urgently needed but pathetically not regarded as important as it should be in most of the churches. 
The workshop was not like a doctrine study conference but explain the living truth with the vivid personal testimonies and step by step practices. Not just “not boring” or “not bad”, but lots of fun and joy, especially the presence of God was there, guiding, touching and healing our hearts. When the students shared the testimonies at the end, all of us were greatly moved with joys, tears, thanks, praises to our Heavenly Father doing great job through His faithful servants.
Highly recommended to all that are hunger for knowing God’s will and earnestly to step out in faith.

Aaron Huang
Leader – House of Christ Christian Church

February 2020

Peter and Kathryn Yaxley facilitated their ‘Hearing God Whispers’ Workshop at Tumbarumba Community Church in September 2019. What a special day it was to step aside, be still before the Lord, and experience His voice in new, fresh and creative ways that were completely biblical and consistent with the Word of God.

Peter and Kathryn carry a special anointing of peace and wisdom, and we were so very blessed to have them stay in our home for a number of days. Their discernment and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit brought powerful words of encouragement to us throughout their stay.

I cannot recommend this precious couple highly enough.
Invite them to facilitate a workshop at your church, and you will be richly blessed.

Pastor Debbie Gadd
Tumbarumba Community Church NSW.

February 2020

To Whom it may concern:

Dear Sir/Madam,


My name is Hendri Rahardja. I am a born-again Christian based in Sydney. My family and I worship and serve at Wesley International Congregation.

Over the last couple of years, my wife and I have come to know Peter and Kathryn Yaxley who run the Kingdom Presence Ministries. We have attended the workshop that they ran and eventually, we hosted a couple more workshops at our home.

From our interaction with Peter and Kathryn, we find them to be godly people who are truly born again. They ooze the love of God and they serve others in humility and with much grace. I find the content of the workshop to be Biblically accurate and I am pleased to say that those who attended the workshops at my home were greatly encouraged and blessed.

I commend Peter and Kathryn Yaxley as someone of good character and I highly recommend Kingdom Presence Ministries as a ministry that brings about change and blessings to people’s lives by teaching them how to connect with the God who loves them. My wife and I look forward to having the Yaxleys back in Sydney soon.

At the meantime, do not miss the opportunity to have them bless you and your community. Should you wish to discuss about this matter further, you may contact me on:

Mobile: +61 438 456 168

Email: hsrahardja@gmail.com



Reference for Peter & Kathryn Yaxley.

It’s so wonderful when you see God raise-up and use people who are  to God and His purposes.

I’ve been so blessed by the ministry of Peter & Kathryn Yaxley. I’ve seen them faithfully follow the call of God to many places in Australia and present their excellent seminars to a great variety of many different church denominations and groups.

I think that their appeal is their love for people, the scriptural soundness of what they teach, and the sacrifices that they have made to bless the Body of Christ.

Theirs is a ministry that you can trust, because I know that their trust in the Lord and His hand is very much upon them in all that they do.

I would unhesitatingly recommend them to you or your church.

Paul Hills


Bethel Christian Fellowship

Geelong, Vic.

Comments about our face to face workshops:

So accessible, very enjoyable, extremely helpful, empowering, a safe place to learn, Bible-based, life-changing for me.

If only I had done this 40 years ago!

“I wasn’t sure I needed this workshop as I constantly hear God. I’m so glad I did it because right from the beginning He started to speak and it built over the course of the day. Thank you so much for your gentle spirits.”

“I heard God speak for the first time. He said, ‘At last you are listening!'”

I just want to let you know that your workshop was a huge turning point in my walk. God has put my feet back on the track, but a new track and I will never be the same again.

This is such good teaching. Every Christian needs to do this

“My husband & I came in separate cars as he wanted to leave at lunch time. It was so good we both went home in separate cars at the end of the day.”

Your [Hearing God] workshop is excellent for those never stepping into this area previously. They are well presented for beginners as well as those already practiced at hearing God’s whispers.

Why haven’t we heard this teaching about [intercessory] prayer before? We need this!

I just wanted to thank you again and give you some feedback. The ones I have spoken to have said how easy the program was to understand, some were having things confirmed and some learnt new things, they loved the way you kept it interesting, some were challenged outside of their comfort zone! It’s good to be challenged! I love everything you both did and the sensitivity in which you presented it.

“Ever since your workshop I have put time aside each week just to be quiet and listen like you taught us to do. Quiet place, Bible and open ears. It has enriched my relationship with Jesus and flowed into each area of life.”

I learnt that I don’t have to be super spiritual to listen to God

Today was a refreshing time of learning and growth.

Very practical

“I have been having trouble discerning God’s voice from other voices in my head. Your workshop helped me know what to listen for and tell the difference.”

“A reminder of the different ways God talks to us.”

“Interesting, thought provoking and a little challenging.”

“I was stretched but the environment was so supportive it didn’t matter.”

“It was much more than I expected.”

“It was like spending a day with Jesus.”

“I have definitely benefited from your workshop as I know many others have too.”


“Lovely restful day listening to God! Highly Recommended!”

“I need to practice taking time to be still”

“Obedience and faith are necessary for rest”

“It was an easy atmosphere to hear God”

“I learnt more about what rest really is”

“His joy filled me to overflowing”

“I want to use some of your ideas in my small group”

“This has encouraged me to ‘wait’ and ‘listen’ more”

“Loved it all – time alone and time with others”

“A safe loving environment”

“I have more confidence in what I’m hearing from God”

“God revealed so much to me as we shared today”

“So beautifully and sensitively presented”

“It was positive, encouraging and empowering”

“Confirmed I am on the right track”

After a day workshop and retreat a retired minister said, “It was like spending two days eating from the Tree of Life.”

Feedback from Zoom Workshops

“Great teaching love you to bring a workshop to my home church.”

“I’ve been a full-time Christian worker for over 36 years and I heard God more in 5 minutes than I have over these years.”

“It was such an amazing time. I definitely would recommend this workshop. The workshop taught me not to limit the way God speaks to us. But to ensure that I know His voice. Because His sheep hear His voice. It always important to hear and continue to learn to hear God’s voice in our lives. Something this workshop has taught me was not to always expect God to speak one way.  God can speak to us through many ways.”

It was a wonderful time. I learnt so much and want to do another workshop.

I really don’t like Zoom but I was so glad I attended your workshop.

Such an awesome workshop today. I loved the group dynamics. I especially loved the leading of the Holy Spirit. Thank you for hosting yet another wonderful workshop Peter and Kathryn. I was really blessed with tools and different ways to hear Gods whispers and not only through our learning styles but through ordinary things like our 5 senses, nature, Peace and much more. So blessed!

Thank you for your labour for God’s Kingdom! It was so refreshing. I’ve been walking with the Lord for almost 20 years and Saturday’s session is definitely what I needed. An answered prayer!

Thank you for an encouraging, edifying and blessed workshop. God willing I can join another one.

Encouragement from a Pastor and his wife who attended the Hearing God workshop. “Thank you so much for today.We both were very impressed by the way you ran and designed the workshop. Both of us are ESL teachers and we practice CLT (Communicative Language Teaching) which is the most effective methodology. Your methodology was delightfully communicative and therefore very practical.”

Feedback from Intimate Call – Listening to God for Others

“I was a bit nervous about what this session might entail… but it was a simple, encouraging and beautiful experience. Again a lovely way to quickly meet people and feel connection even online. The HS was at work in and through us. I hope to do this again and be able to continue this prayerful practice.”

“I love Intimate Call. It normalises prophecy. What a blessing! It’s always fulfilling regardless of the process.”

“Each time I do Intimate Call I feel like I can hear God clearer.”

“I’m really starting to become more confident that God is using me to encourage, strengthen and comfort others.”

“I love giving the words God gives me and I find the words being given to me very encouraging.”

“Just what I needed. Thank you Peter & Kathryn for the way you encourage me and others.”

Testimonies About – At His Feet – Creative Reflection

1. The Beautiful Feet of Jesus

“A wonderful time.”

“Reminded me of what I should be doing.”

“I really enjoyed it”

“Very healing”

“Enjoyed meeting people from places”

“Jesus walks with me, I’m never alone”

“Such a well spent hour … life changing ???