Hosting a Hearing God Workshop or Retreat

Thanks for your interest in hosting one of our workshops or retreat.

We offer:

1    Hearing God’s Whispers Workshop

2   Enjoying God’s Whispers as His Family Workshop

3   Resting Together in God’s Whispers Retreat

For the Host:

  • They provide a venue which can be in a home, church or hall or a retreat centre for the retreat. 
  • They help advertise the event (we provide a flyer).
  • They act as contact person for RSVPs.
  • They help us in setting up equipment.  (See below).

P:eter and Kathryn:

  • We provide a flyer to help you with advertising.
  • With you permission we’ll also help advertise the workshop in any networks we have in your area.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What do you charge? We appreciate a love offering plus contribution to any specific travel costs.  Our hosts generally organise for the love offering to be taken.  Our booklets will be available by donation too.

What about morning/afternoon tea? Providing a cuppa as people arrive works well. In consultation with hosts we work out if there will be another morning tea break mid session.  Generally, we don’t break for afternoon tea but aim to give a quick toilet break.

What about lunch? Generally, we suggest people bring their own.  Some hosts prefer that everyone bring a plate for a shared fellowship meal.  However, this does involve someone assigned to heat up food.

What equipment is helpful?   Two or three tables.  We use one to display our booklets and the others for activities during the day.   Only for workshop 1 Hearing God’s Whispers – we use 2 pieces of A4 paper per person.  Some hosts assist by providing this.   It helps if you have access to a data projector or a large TV so we can display power point.  Where this is not readily accessible, we can provide our own data projector (unless we fly in).  

Please do not hesitate to give us a call if you have any questions. Email:
Peter’s Mobile: 0400 222 455

Thank you and we look forward to prayerfully serving your community together.

Peter and Kathryn