Spiritual Protection for Christian Leaders

A Practical Guide

Practical wisdom is shared in testimonial form.  Each section is coupled with practical ideas for the Christian Leader to implement in their own ministries.

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Praying Together as a Couple
Building Prayer Support
Seeking God in Decision Making
Incorporating Fasting
Dealing with Targeted witchcraft
Discerning Targeted Witchcraft
Covering Up in the Public Eye
Covering Up on the Internet


Over Property and Home
Over Bedrooms
After Staying Guests
Over Technology
Over Phones
Over Vehicles
Over Property used for Ministry


“The name of the Lord is a strong tower; the righteous run to it and are safe.” Proverbs 18:10

As a couple about to step out in a pioneer Christian work in 2000 some of the best advice we received regarding spiritual protection came through a mature couple we visited in Sydney, who’d worked many years in frontline ministries.  They succinctly identified five or so keys they urged us to hold on to irrespective of what we were experiencing. 

  • Recognise the spiritual nature of ministry and that our pioneer work would bring active contention from the enemy’s camp.  It is real.  Respond with spiritual weapons.
  • Do not neglect praying regularly as a couple including putting on the armour of God.
  • Build a prayer team and keep them informed. 
  • Learn to listen to and wait on God together in decisions.
  • Do not neglect the role of fasting and the use of other spiritual weapons.

Simply stated we were urged not to be naïve about the nature of the work we were undertaking.  First and foremost it was a spiritual work that would require spiritual weapons to advance and also protect ourselves.  We would need to USE them.  

We duly settled in Tasmania’s South East where we engaged in active full time ministry of various kinds including schools ministry, community and youth ministry, intercession and working in unity and mentoring other emerging ministers/leaders.  

Over the years we found their advice invaluable and gleaned further wisdom about spiritual protection that built on the words of our Sydney friends.  In the same way that we benefited from their generous sharing, so we now pass on our practical tips to you.  Our previous booklets Spiritual Protection for Home and Family deals with some Biblical foundations in this area as well as daily prayers.   This booklet contains practical wisdom for Christian leaders.  May God strengthen, protect and encourage you as you love and serve Him.  

Peter and Kathryn Yaxley

Praying Together as a Couple

Peter shares: It took me a while to understand my role regarding spiritual protection in our home. 

Just after we arrived in Southern Tasmania I observed that we were in a spiritual battle. Kathryn hurt her back and spent many weeks recuperating and other Christian leaders were facing health and other issues. I remember thinking, “If we are going to be involved in frontline Christian ministry long-term we need to make sure we have all the spiritual protection we need.” Not being the most spiritually sensitive person I often left this side of the spiritual battle to Kathryn. While I believed in spiritual protection and warfare, it just wasn’t part of my experience as a Christian.

Through teaching and observation, I saw the need to do something that enabled us to be covered and protected on a daily basis.  I had to learn how to take the spiritual lead in our home. Different people had told us about ‘praying on the Armour of God daily.’ This came in the form of written prayers. Liturgy and written prayers were again not part of my upbringing. I can remember some of my denomination scoffing at denominations that read prayers.  I have since discovered written prayers to be helpful.  I found a number of written prayers that dealt with praying on the armour and wrote my own daily prayers.

My resolution was that we needed to pray together each morning using these prayers, pray for particular people and read a devotion together.  We have done this for over ten years now.  We wouldn’t have missed more than a couple of dozen times in those ten years. I have found that they serve two purposes, firstly asking for spiritual protection for us both and secondly a daily reminder of who we are in Christ.   Kathryn will tell you that with me taking the spiritual leadership in this way, her own capacity to cope improved.  My covering mattered. 

Husbands, can I encourage you to take the lead, if you are not already doing so. Your covering will matter in your own homes.  Your wife needs your leadership in this area as do your children.  Your children also need to see it modelled.   Christian husbands – you are the head of your wives (Eph 5:23).  It is very important that you pick up your role and lead by example. Ask God to lead you in how you should be praying protection on your home.

In Practice

“Again, I tell you that if two of you on earth agree about anything you ask for, it will be done for you by my Father in heaven.  For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them.” Matthew 18:19,20

The covenant of marriage and unity in prayer is such a powerful weapon in God’s kingdom.  We don’t really understand how powerful both are but we believe Satan does, which is why he goes to so many lengths to defeat joint prayer time.   There is a dynamic released as we pray together that is greater than the sum of two sets of individual prayers.  From personal experience it has a powerfully protective role over the home and family. 

When it comes to praying together:

  • Make this an absolute priority.  Be prepared to battle till this comes to fruition.  
  • Find a time that works for you. Morning or evening is often the best.  Be realistic in the time you set aside.
  • Find resources that help you.  Peter wrote his own version of prayers to meet our needs.  We’ve been asked by other young leaders for these prayers so we’ve written them up as a companion set of booklets.

Spiritual Protection over Home and Family – Biblical Principles

Daily Prayers for Spiritual Protection

  • Persist until it becomes a habit (a reflex action).
  • When the pattern breaks make it a priority to see it restored.
  • When you are apart pray together over the phone or use the same resources.

If you are not married or your spouse is not at that place where they are ready to pray with you ask God to partner with you on behalf of your home.

Building Prayer Support

“So Joshua fought the Amalekites as Moses had ordered, and Moses, Aaron and Hur went to the top of the hill.  As long as Moses held up his hands, the Israelites were winning, but whenever he lowered his hands, the Amalekites were winning… So Joshua overcame the Amalekite army with the sword.” Exodus 17:8-16

While Joshua was engaging in hand to hand combat Moses’ task was to keep his hands up in intercession on top of the hill. This image of a two pronged approach to ministry, hands on and intercessory prayer, still rings true. 

During the season we were seeking God about our future, knowing He was calling us to a new work in a different state, the Lord spoke to Peter.  God laid on his heart our need for prayer partners to shield us and strengthen our hands for the task ahead. 

Having shared this sense with me we agreed to build a prayer team in obedience to God’s leading.  The next morning, which happened to be a Sunday, our first prayer partner found us.  A lady, hearing our testimony that morning felt convicted to offer to pray for us in an ongoing way.       This circumstance confirmed God’s leading but also showed us that God was leading others to pray for us.

Our Sydney friends had confirmed our need, not only to build a prayer team, but keep them informed.  We found building our prayer team was the easy part, once we overcame our self-consciousness about inviting people to pray for us and the work God had called us to. Committing to keep them informed takes a whole lot more discipline.  We learnt that general prayer letters can end up anywhere – even being passed on to complete strangers.  You don’t know whose eyes peruse your news.  Discretion needs to be exercised at all times with what you trust to print.

Since experience taught us that this was the case we also found a need for a small, highly trusted group of prayer partners where very personal and confidential prayer requests can be given on an ad hoc basis.  These are requests you don’t necessarily need a wider group to know about.  

In Practice

If you do not have a specific prayer team covering you and you are in ministry or mission then we would strongly encourage you to develop one.  Believe that God wants you well supported and covered.

The size of your prayer team and the level they operate at can vary.  Ask the Lord to show you what approach is right for you then ask Him for names to follow up.  

There can be different levels of prayer support.

  • General prayer support – for instance those happy to receive quarterly updates.  This serves the purpose of general communication and support raising as well as giving prayer requests.  It works well when you are leading a ministry.  The downside is you do not know where your prayer letter may end up.  This limits the nature of the prayer requests that can be shared.  You must assume that it could even end up in the wrong hands (those against your work etc.) 
  • Confidants – a tighter small group who are closer to you and with whom you can share more personal requests.  Three on this team is a good minimum number as it spreads the load.  Look for those who can be trusted and are well known to you and who care for you personally.  Sometimes this means folks outside of your current ministry arena since you can share personal prayer requests without breaching confidentiality.

Both communicating prayer requests and providing feedback are important aspects for each level of prayer support.  Your prayer support can be enhanced by the information you provide.  Email provides a great tool.  When approaching people to act as prayer confidants don’t hesitate to explain your expectations at the outset.  Always give people permission to opt out of their commitment.  It helps to check these commitments at least once each year.  When keeping confidants posted sometimes it is easier by phone when you can share more details regarding requests and feedback than you would put in an email. 

Pray for your prayer team.  If they prosper so will you.  We have found a strategy of the enemy at times is to make it seem so very hard to write a prayer letter or communicate with confidants.  So keep it a high priority.

Seeking God in Decision Making

“But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.” Matthew 6:33

Our Sydney friends encouraged us to seek God together and act on His leading.  If we did so we would be walking in the place of God’s provision and enabling, though requiring steps of faith.   It made sense to us, though took a while to unpack how to operate in this at a practical level. 

Essentially they were inviting us to seek and value God’s opinion about decisions and directions rather than rely only upon our human methods and resources for decision making and asking God simply to bless those.  This was a challenge because we’d learnt a lot about these ‘human’ methods.  (Things like research and statistics, money and methods like church growth principles, programs, resources and planning.)    Not that God can’t and doesn’t use these but we realised we’d seen much less modeled about how to seek and wait on God expectantly for direction.   Our friends also encouraged us to OBEY these directions gleaned from the Lord.  It was a challenge to increased surrender and obedience.

We recall one significant turning point.  In coming to a new area we felt challenged to surrender our accommodation needs to the Lord.  House prices were low but we were not in paid positions so should we buy or rent?  Realising this was a decision that would impact our future ministry we sought the Lord with a morning of fasting.  We each spent time alone with God and asked Him to speak.  Peter was led to Acts 28:36 “For two whole years Paul stayed there in his own rented house and welcomed all who came to see him.”  Kathryn was led to Nehemiah 5:16 “Instead, I devoted myself to the work on this wall.  All my men were assembled there for the work; we did not acquire any land.”   We agreed God was leading us not to buy but rent.  We obeyed.  Faith was stretched as house prices later sky rocketed but God has always provided a suitable and affordable home for us.  God is faithful.

Not all leading from God was as clear cut or direct as this but with time and practice we became more sensitive to prompts from the Lord regarding direction.  There is a sense of shelter and centeredness that comes from following God’s leading in the decisions that impact our ministry.  It takes faith to step out but brings its own spiritual protection as we obey.

In Practice

“God rewards those who earnestly seek him.”  Hebrews 11:6b

We’ve found that approaching God regarding decisions involves some key elements.

  • That you are in a personal relationship with God and relating to Him from this.
  • You are willing to yield your rights in the decision to God. 
  • You need to give God time.  (It can vary from several minutes, to a morning or a day or a longer period of time.)
  • Wait and pause before God and make your request, making sure you are not harbouring sin.  Listen.
  • Expect He will lead you either to Scripture, through your thoughts, through a vision, an impression or confirming circumstances remembering that “ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” Luke 11:9

Sometimes the leading (like our example regarding renting or buying) can be very prompt, clear and direct.  Other times a growing sense emerges of God’s leading.   Still other times there can be silence for a while.

Shared Time

When you wish to spend time as a couple before the Lord to make a decision:

  • set aside some joint time 
  • then follow the above tips  
  • gather feedback from each other’s time with God
  • If the leading is clear, then surrender and obey, otherwise pray for clarity.

Spending time seeking God about decisions reminds us that it is not all about us!  Nor is the ministry entrusted to us, our own. 

Incorporating Fasting 

“When you fast put oil on your head and wash your face, so that it will not be obvious to men that you are fasting, but only to your Father, who is unseen; and your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.”
Matthew 6:17

Jesus taught about fasting as a matter of course for the disciples.  Note that He did not say ‘if’ in regard to fasting.  In fact He assumes the practice of fasting (like giving v2 and prayer v5) will be part of each believer’s life but teaches a different attitude from that of the Pharisees of His time. 

Our friends’ advice not to neglect fasting proved a challenge for us, and led to a journey that we’re still on.   

Early on after we relocated to south eastern Tasmania we felt convicted to fast for a season at the outset of establishing our new ministry.  Prayer clarified the reason and duration.  We agreed that we would fast from one meal a day one day per week for three months.  Instead of eating we’d use that time to get out and about to pray over our new community.  It felt it was part of breaking into our new location.  After this time we recognised we were gaining a heart for our new region. 

Over the years since then we’ve felt convicted as individuals and as a couple to fast at different times for different reasons.  We recognise that fasting can assist with breakthrough when a difficult or complex situation faces us. It can assist at strategic times in ministry when direction is changing.  It can strengthen faith.  It can discipline us to be more sensitive to God and heighten spiritual senses.  It can prepare us to receive a revelation from God.  It can deal with the self life.  It can deepen spiritual protection.   Kathryn’s experience of fasting linked to breakthrough in prayer affirms its role in the life of an intercessor.

Fasting can be carried out as an individual, as a couple or corporately.  We’ve experienced congregations and ministries who’ve called for a time of corporate prayer with fasting.

Pick up this discipline and use it in conjunction with prayer if this is one you’ve placed on the shelf.   The spiritual benefits are multiple and as Jesus teaches, include a reward from our Heavenly Father.

In Practice

The examples of Biblical fasting from food are diverse.  They range from corporate congregational fasts such as Acts 13:1,2  “While they were worshipping the Lord and fasting , the Holy Spirit said, “Set apart for me Barnabas and Saul for the work to which I have called them.”  Esther’s three day fast is another example of corporate fasting, when her maids and the Jews of Susa joined her.  There seems to be particular power in corporate fasting. 

Individual fasts are another type of fast commonly mentioned.  Jesus’ own 40 day fast is an example of this which proved to be a time of testing and empowering prior to ministry.  Elijah (personal renewal and new directions) and Moses (when receiving the tablets of stone on Mount Sinai) also fasted 40 days. There are many other examples.

When it comes to fasting there are a few things that helped us.

  • Seek God about the length of fast.  (One meal, one day, several days etc.)  Be realistic.
  • There are different kinds of fasts.  Going without food is the most common.  However fasting can also involve going without something else like deserts, chocolate, facebook, TV or an hour of sleep and using the time gained to spend with God.  If you choose not to fast from food why not ask the Lord which area He would like you to surrender to meet with Him?
  • Commit the fast to the Lord.  It can be a very special time. Just remember it’s too hard to undertake in our own strength. 
  • Ask your prayer team to cover you while you fast.
  • Spend the time when you are fasting with the Lord, remembering that can include prayer walking, praying in nature or at home.
  • Record any impressions that come.
  • If you find fasting too hard ask another friend or your spouse to fast with you next time.  Corporate fasting gives great strength.

Note:  There are some medical conditions where it is not wise to fast from food. 

Dealing with Targeted Witchcraft

”Pay attention!  I am sending you out like sheep among wolves, so be as prudent as snakes and as harmless as doves.”  Matthew 10:16 (CJB)

It is easy to believe in evil spiritual forces when we think about pioneer missionaries in third world countries but it is a different reality altogether to be alert to and recognise activity in our own ‘western back yard’.  Many of us are asleep to this reality and therefore we are vulnerable. 

We had a slow awakening. Neither of our denominational backgrounds taught in this area.  Personal deliverance had opened our eyes that the spiritual world is real, consisting of our great God and His angels, but also the enemy and his cohorts.  Scripture is true.  Recognising how the enemy can impact on pioneer ministry in western culture through witchcraft curses was another matter.  We use the term ‘witchcraft’ in a broad sense to cover any practice to gain or exert  spiritual power by control or manipulation. See Deut 18:9-14, Gal 5:19-21

We are not advocates for noting or blaming the demonic for everything.  Quite the contrary!  Our Lord reigns, His name is above all and He has the victory.  However, there are practices going on we can protect ourselves against, as a matter of routine spiritual protection.  If we are alert, that is.

After about two years of pioneer ministry we were tired.  We’d been involved in developing unity between our local churches and giving leadership to some combined prayer events.  We’d also stepped up to lead the Christian lunchtime program in our local school.  We were known to be actively involved in local Christian ministry though we did not lead our own church.  

As a result of other life challenges we were both feeling the press of oppression to the point we sought some insight and prayer from a couple living in our state that were gifted with discernment.  We expected some personal prayer to refresh.  What we didn’t expect was some discernment that part of our challenges arose through targeted witchcraft directly aimed at our marriage and ministry.  

We knew of local witchcraft activity by report.  We never envisaged we could come in for some attention or direct interest.    We were just a couple ministering in a small corner of our state, not even leading a church.  We did not think it would happen to us or that we could be ‘of interest’.

In Practice

As we discussed the news with our friends we realised we needed to deal with the present situation first before we took steps to protect ourselves in future.  Though we were unaware of how we had become targets or what had been done to target our marriage covenant in the end it didn’t matter. Our friends modeled how to pray to release the targeted assignment. 

It involved:

  • Forgiving those involved and releasing them from our debt.  Luke 1:4
  • Choosing to bless them and releasing them to God’s action.  We prayed that He would forgive them and lead them into His kingdom. 
  • In the name of Jesus binding all specific witchcraft intent against God’s purposes for us and our ministry.
  • Asking God to protect us from the ‘eyes’ of the enemy, whether demonic or human agents.  Praying that God would permanently close those eyes to our presence.
  • Praying that the source of the assignment against us would be covered in the blood of Jesus so it dissolves. 
  • Praying that the assignment itself would also be covered in the blood of Jesus and disintegrate, retaining no power against us.  Asking God to protect us and set His angels to guard us.
  • Asking God to nullify any personal effect of ours (including our name) from being used to activate power through any ritual against us, individually or as a couple. 
  • Praying that God would release us in every way and protect and renew us, our marital covenant, unity, intimacy and our communion. 
  • Asking that no other targeted assignment could take its place

Our friend’s gift of discernment opened our eyes to see the press we were feeling and our irritation with each other was partly sourced in a witchcraft assignment.  As importantly they helped us address it.  Of course we are responsible to love and care for each other.  But there are other realities impacting on us as leaders in Christian ministry.  Be alert to the possibility of witchcraft, especially if you experience unexplained oppression, friction and wrestling for vision.  You might like to invite trusted friends to help you pray using the points above.

Discerning Targeted Witchcraft

“Finally be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power.  Put on the full armour of God so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes…. So that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand.”  Ephesians 6:10

We were ignorant of the signs of witchcraft being used against us.  We’ve since learnt that some of the signs may include:

  • A sense of weight or oppression over the home.
  • Sleep disturbance, bad dreams or nightmares.
  • Strange noises or a sense of a dark presence in the night.
  • A run of unusual and malicious events including accidents.
  • Unusual or persistent patterns of sickness or unexplained physical symptoms like headaches or sharp body pains (Do not ignore these if they persist after prayer.)
  • Unexplained pattern of troubles with technology including computers.
  • Ongoing contention and bickering in relationships driving a wedge between you – peace is robbed.  It can literally feel like a wedge which seems insurmountable.
  • Loss of or struggle for relational intimacy with spouse which can include thoughts of lust, a drawing to pornography, or another person.
  • Struggle to pray with spouse.
  • Loss of or struggle for your vision for ministry.
  • A sense of being overwhelmed and overloaded. 
  • A constant stream of needy people that drains and robs of rest.

Overt evidence can include:

  • Objects being found around your home or place of ministry like dead birds in pools of blood. 
  • Other blood sacrifices left around.
  • Stones placed in a circle or set pattern. 
  • Twigs placed in the shape of crosses.  They may be tied or left loose.
  • Ribbons or tape tied to different things (curses are placed on them). 

In Practice

Not everything listed over the left hand side of this page may result from witchcraft.  Our choices matter and we are accountable for them.    This list is provided to give you a gauge to help keep you alert and watchful over your home and church.  More than that, it gives you the opportunity to pray specifically about these things so you have tools to protect you and help you stand against witchcraft in the journey of ministry and service.

  • Refer to the tips on page 12 for addressing a targeted witchcraft assignment.

Additional steps that may assist:

  • Pray about covering up if you are in the public eye (See following page.)
  • Pray about covering up on the internet including ways to pray to protect websites and email. (Refer to page 18.)
  • Pray through your home and property.  (Refer to page 19.)
  • Pray over the bedrooms in the home. (Refer to page 20.)
  • Pray over your computer/technology.  (See page 21.)
  • Pray about your phones. (See page 21.)
  • Pray over your vehicles.  (See prayer on page 22.)
  • Pray over your church property, including the boundary lines.  It is a very good idea to call on others to assist with this. (Some from a prayer team etc.)
  • Add daily prayers for spiritual protection to your devotional routine.

Access your own resources or use ours.  See back cover to order.

Covering Up in the Public Eye

“Stay sober, stay alert!  Your enemy, the Adversary, stalks about like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.  Stand against him, firm in your trust…”
1 Peter 5:8,9

We talked over with our gifted friends how information about us may have been discovered.   Our friends asked if our names ever appeared in a public forum linked to Christian ministry.  Our answer was certainly, including school newsletters and several church bulletins.    We realised that our names were in the public eye linked to Christian ministry in our area, even though we were not running a church.  This information was accessible by anyone in the general public, including those choosing to use that information against us and God’s purposes.

Since the Lord had called us to this kind of public ministry and our names would continue to be before the public we understood our need to take preventative steps in prayer to protect ourselves in future. 

Over the years prior to beginning our pioneer ministry in 2000 we’d heard snippets that had alerted us to active witchcraft and occult behavior against local churches and Christians in our country.  Unfortunately, we had no idea we could be a target or how to pray regarding this. 

We thought back to the words our friends from Sydney had shared including their urge that Christian work is spiritual work and it would bring active contention from the enemy.  This experience opened our eyes to the reality that God wasn’t the only one interested in our efforts.   The enemy’s agents it seemed were active in opposing the work of God through us in our area.  We did not think it would take such a direct route.  We were underprepared so we were resisting the wrong thing – mostly each other.  Our Bible College training did not cover recognising and dealing with witchcraft! 

For some of us spiritual protection is something we take for granted and give little prayer time to it.  The Scriptures warn not to focus on the enemy but to be alert to his tactics and thus conscious of and able to resist him, standing firm in our trust.  Certainly Satan’s tactics are much wider than witchcraft but as leaders it can be one tactic that he uses.  In our culture we rarely hear this discussed.

In Practice

Since our experience we have assumed that anything that we write, whether for a general public forum or church bulletin could be misused or end up in a witchcraft ritual or targeted assignment against us.  We are not frightened by this because God is stronger but it does make us pray.  

Scripture urges us to be ready and alert so that we might stand our ground against the devil’s schemes and those of his agents and overcome them.  Eph 6:13   Part of our stance includes some simple prayers over the information we set down in print, ranging from our prayer letters, publicity that goes to the general public and information on church bulletins.

Some of the ways we pray preventative prayers include:

  • Praying that the name of the Lord covers and hides our person including our spirits.  We are hiding in the name of the Lord.  “The name of the Lord is a strong tower; the righteous run to it and are safe.” Proverbs 18:10
  • Asking God that His name would cover our names and what we produce in print so our name or writing cannot be used against us in any type of witchcraft ritual or curse.   We have been saved in the name of Jesus.  His name is supreme.   We are baptized into the name of the triune God.  “Therefore God exalted him [Jesus] to the highest place and gave him the name that is above every name, that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the father.”  Phil 2:9-11
  • Praying God’s protection over our spoken words so they cannot be used against us in any ritual.  May our words indeed honour Him!
  • People will comment, even gossip about people in the public eye and it can impact back on us in an unseen way.   We pray general protection over our names, reputations and goods even when our names are casually mentioned so none of these (names, reputations and goods) can be used for Satan’s purposes in the wrong hands. 
  • We use daily prayers that include binding the enemy’s strategies over us. 

Covering Up on the Internet

“Spread your protection over them; that those who love your name may rejoice in you.  For surely, O Lord, you bless the righteous; you surround them with your favour as with a shield.”  Psalm 5:11,12

With the internet comes a whole new access to many kinds of information:  personal blogs, church and ministry websites, Facebook, email and many other options.   We recognise the tremendous blessings that come with mass communication via email or website when church members can be addressed by the click of a button and publicity broadcast to the general public from your office desk.  This technology is here to stay and is advancing rapidly with further capabilities enhancing those tools already available.  We rely on it.

It had not occurred to us that we could be vulnerable to having this information misused.  However, since our experience we were sensitised to what we put in print.  We heard of other situations where information available over the internet has been mistreated ending up in the hands of those against God’s purposes. 

Our challenge is to use the internet wisely, make the most of the opportunities it offers but be careful stewards concerning what information we place on it.  How do we shield ourselves and those we are responsible for, even though we might place a high degree of ministry information on it?  

I read a story once about Corrie ten Boom, the woman incarcerated by the German Nazis for helping hide Jews during World War II.  When she was being processed by the guards in the concentration camp, she had to walk past them naked.  Though her Bible was clearly visible on its cord around her neck, she asked God to make it invisible to them.  The Lord answered her prayer.  She walked past their checking gaze without them noticing what was on plain display right under their nose. 

This story inspired our response.  If God could make a Bible invisible though it was really there then He can cover or SHIELD information on the internet from being discerned or used for wrong purposes, even though it is there.

In Practice

What does this look like in practice? 

  • Do think about the material you put on the web.   How much information you place on the internet is a personal and ministry decision.   Just be conscious it could end up in hands that will misuse that information
  • Pray accordingly over what you place on the internet.  
  • Dedicate the website, blog, email account etc to God if you haven’t already done so.
  • Ask God to protect your website etc. from being used for malicious intent.  Pray that it would be covered in the name and blood of Jesus.   Pray instead that your website would advance the kingdom of God.
  • Pray that the information on it would be covered under the name of Jesus, from all prying eyes, shielded in His name and under His blood.    
  • Pray for the closing of all ‘eyes’ that would seek to use the information for less than godly purposes.
  • Pray that what information you post cannot be used to build a targeted witchcraft assignment against you, your family and your ministry or your congregation, now or in the future.  Remember that a targeted assignment refers to a scheme of the enemy, worked out with the help of human agents, sometimes acting in ignorance and at others, maliciously.
  • Pray that any information that may have already been obtained about you or the ministry could no longer provide power for any curse, ritual or engagement against those mentioned in the web site. 
  • Pray that you and those mentioned on the website are covered from the wrong kind of prayers coming against you.  

Prayer over Property and Home

Invite the Lord to lead your prayer time.  Do this each time you relocate.

In your yard or front porch:  Commit your house, land and property to the Lord God in the name of Jesus Christ.  (You can anoint your front gate with oil as an act of dedication.)

Offer yourself, as steward of the home and property to God.  Offer your home to the Lord for Kingdom use. 

Ask the Lord to fill your home with His presence including setting angels over it and around its perimeter.  Invite the Lord to act as watchman over all who enter your property and home. 

Pray at the front door: Ask the Lord to protect you, your home and property, ushering in all who are sent by Him.  Pray that the Lord would defend the home from all that would be against His purposes.  Ask the Lord to bind up and remove all spiritual forces in Jesus’ name that would seek to move against His purposes for your family.  Ask the Lord to fill you and your home with His Holy Spirit.  (You can anoint the door with oil as an act of dedication.)

Move through your house and pray room by room:  Is there any activity that you need to surrender or confess to the Lord that happens in this room?  In the lounge commit the hospitality and family time to Him.  In the kitchen commit food preparation and fellowship over meal times to him and so on. 

In the name of Jesus ask the Lord to cleanse each room from all unclean spiritual forces that have had access to that room including any witchcraft assignment (demonic scheme) that’s been sent into that room.  Pray that no unclean spirit could remain. Pray for a cleansing of each room in the blood of Jesus.  Ask God to seal your home to godly use.  Pray for protection over all effects in this room through the blood of Jesus. Ask the Lord to remove any witchcraft assignment that’s come via goods and effects.   Ask the Lord to fill each room with His presence and restore true fellowship.

Pray at your perimeter: You may wish to complete your prayer time by walking your boundary line whilst in prayer and anointing your corner posts with oil.  

Prayer over Bedrooms 

Move through each bedroom, one at a time, praying as the Lord leads.   Here are some ideas of how to pray.   

In the bedroom:  Pray in each bedroom committing each occupant to the Lord and claiming His protection through the blood of Jesus over the occupant.    Pray over the bedroom itself dedicating each to the Lord.  

In Jesus’ name bind all unclean spiritual forces, past and present, including spirits promoting sexual perversion of any kind and any troubling spirits.  Pray they would be unable to return.  Pray for a cleansing of the room, its contents and its atmosphere in the blood of Jesus.

In Jesus’ name bind any witchcraft assignments that are being sent into the room or coming against the occupant.  Pray that any information that may already have been gleaned by the enemy camp about the occupant would be negated.   Pray for a shield of protection about the occupant. 

Ask the Lord to fill the room with His presence.  Invite Him to release angels to guard the occupant. 

Pray over the bed:  (You can anoint the bed with oil in an act of dedication.)   Ask the Lord to cover and protect the sleep of the owner of the bed releasing the gift of sweet sleep and prophetic dreams.    Pray that the Lord would watch over the occupant day and night and speak to the occupant while they sleep.  Ask God to post His angels to guard the sleep of the occupant. 

After Staying Guests 

Uninvited and unintentional spiritual baggage can enter a home along with staying guests. Add a prayer for spiritual cleansing of the guest room whilst you vacuum and clean up after each staying guest.   Playing worship music as you clean can assist.

Bless your visitor in the Lord’s name.  Ask the Lord to cleanse the guest room in Jesus’ name and through His blood.    In Jesus’ name bind any unhelpful spiritual forces that moved in during your guest’s visit.    Pray these spirits would not be able to return.  Recommit the room to the Lord’s purposes for your family.   Ask for a cleansing of the contents, bedroom, bed and atmosphere.  Invite the presence of the Lord to fill the room.

Prayer over Technology

Early in our ministry we noticed an unusual pattern of technical hitches when we were trying to send out our prayer letter.  It tipped us off to pray over our technology. 

Hardware:  Praise God for the gift of technology and dedicate what you own in this line to Him – computers, ipads, ipods, printers, editing and videoing equipment for example.  

Lay hands over them offering their function and life to God, praying for his protection over them including that God would protect them from becoming a distraction to you.  Instead pray they would enhance the kingdom purposes of the home and family. 

Information:  Pray that the information on them and exchanged over them would be protected, shielded from being used by the enemy in any way. 

Pray that sensitive information would remain confidential.    Pray that God would cover all information as well as hardware and software.

Pray that your technology would run smoothly.  Bind the enemy in Jesus’ name from taking liberties to create disturbance or distraction.

Prayer over Phones

In recent years the general public has become aware that governments can tap home phones in the national interest.  Few of us recognise that there can be spiritual ‘ears’ eavesdropping on our conversations.  This is not to be feared. Simple prayers will cover and protect in this area. 

Hardware:  Dedicate all your phones to the Lord.   Pray that they would extend His kingdom purposes.

Conversations:  Pray for the blood of Jesus to cover the content of conversations from any untoward human and demonic intent.    Ask God to bind up all unintended ‘eyes’ and ‘ears’ (demonic or untoward human agents) from accessing and using conversations against you. 

Prayer over Vehicles

We learnt a sobering lesson about the role of protection on vehicles when Kathryn asked the Lord to show her what our prayers for protection did regarding our vehicles.  She asked that nothing bad would actually happen, just that she wanted to know if they were actually stopping bad things from happening.  For 12 months God answered her prayer.  It was as though He moved the veil from our eyes, though we remained safe.  During that year we had three near misses on the road.  Two could have caused injury or proved fatal. She never prayed like that again!  We are totally convinced that praying for protection over vehicles matters as we drive on our roads.

Dedicate your vehicle/s to the Lord.  Thank the Lord for the provision of transport.  Pray that God would protect you on the roads, set His angels around you and the vehicle and keep you alert as you drive.  Pray that His blood would cover you and each vehicle you own.    (Don’t forget to drive in a way that honours the Lord too!)

Pray that mechanically your car would run smoothly.  It’s normal that cars wear out and need servicing but it’s helpful to also bind the enemy in Jesus’ name from taking liberties here to create disturbance or distraction at important times. 

Prayer over Property used for Ministry

Ministry property is often overseen by a team so when you want to pray over church or ministry property or boundary lines include others.  It may involve people skilled in intercessory prayer as well as other leaders.  You can use the prayer ideas on page 19 and below.

Dedicate the property anew to the Lord.

Invite the Lord to cleanse the building and land in His blood (you can do this room by room), then outside including the perimeter.

In Jesus’ name pray for a binding and removal of all unclean spiritual forces present in each room, on the land and over the property.
Ask the Lord to cut off and dissolve at the source all witchcraft assignments in Jesus’ name and through His blood that operate over the property.

Ask the Lord to release His presence anew over the property. Invite the Lord to station His angels over your ministry property to protect it.